100% of MyMaths content across Key Stages 1 - 5 is now tablet ready

Further to our last update, we are delighted to announce that all of our lessons, homework tasks, and worksheets are now tablet ready for Key Stages 1 - 5, including all A Level and GCSE content, and now available without the need for Flash.

Thank you for your patience with us as we’ve worked on this enormous project. We hope you and your children enjoy using the lessons, homework tasks and worksheets on your tablets!

This release also included the following additions to Secondary MyMaths:

  • 6 new tools including:
    • Algebra tools to help teachers explore graphs with their classes, from gradient of a straight line to transformations of a sine curve;
    • Shape tools for area and angles;
    • Statistics tools for diagrams and averages.
  • 40 new activities on topics within Shape.

For more information regarding Flash-free content please visit our support site.