New Secondary MyMaths Activities and Tools

Over the Christmas holidays, we will be adding more tools and activities to your Secondary MyMaths subscription.

Our tablet friendly activities can be used front of class or can be completed individually by students for additional practice. This release will see the addition of over 100 new activities, taking the total to over 230 activities across all strands of the curriculum.

Our tools can be used front of class to explore new concepts. This release will add 8 new tools to the Algebra and Shape strands, covering inequalities, circle theorems and angles in a triangle.

Removing Activities from the Games menu

Following the release of these new Flash-free activities, we will remove Beat the clocks and Pairs games from the Games section of Secondary MyMaths.

New tablet-friendly versions of Beat the clock and Pairs game can be found in the Activities section of the left hand menu of Classic MyMaths.