New games and activities on Secondary MyMaths

We’re delighted to announce the return of high scores to our most popular MyMaths games and the release of more tablet-compatible games and activities!

High scores return to Snakey Solver, Tug of War and Escape

These games now feature high score tables, giving students the opportunity to compete with others and improve on their score.

Separate high score tables are shown for each difficulty setting within Snakey Solver and Escape, and for the ‘timer on’ and ‘timer off’ settings within Tug of War.

High scores tables for Snakey Solver, showing daily high scores and all-time high scores for the easy difficulty

Showing daily high scores as well as all-time high scores gives more students the chance to appear in the table

More Flash-free games added to Secondary MyMaths

As you may be aware, some games were temporarily retired from MyMaths while Flash-free versions were made. We’re delighted that the following games are now available on MyMaths once more:

  • Add it up
  • Times it out
  • Four in a row
  • Bingo
  • Decimals bingo
  • Zap it
Screenshot of 2-minute version of Add it up game

Add it up and Times it out are available with various timed and untimed versions to offer different levels of challenge

We have also introduced four new versions of Tug of war that feature new designs and cover operations on directed numbers.

Question screen from Tug of war: adding and subtracting directed numbers

A new Tug of war design, used in the version on adding and subtracting directed numbers

In addition, two new versions of Colour by numbers focus on collecting like terms and feature new artwork.

Screenshot of Colour by numbers: collecting like terms game

A new Colour by numbers artwork, used in the versions on collecting like terms

More activities added to Secondary MyMaths

37 new geometry activities have been added, with more to follow on other topics in July and September.

These granular activities can be used front of class or can be completed individually by students for additional practice.

Find them in the Activities section, which you can access from the left-hand menu before you log into the Teacher Dashboard.

Screenshot of Elevations drawing activity

A new interactive activity on drawing plans and elevations for 3D solids

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